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Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award

The Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award emphasizes the importance of career guidance and advising, professional development for educators and employers, and the employer role in providing work-based learning opportunities for students. The award is sponsored by IMCA, an international company with a reputation for innovative social investments in technical education. IMCA has led numerous initiatives over the past decade, all aimed at transforming technical education through the development of strategic business-education partnerships.

2018 Winner and Honorable Mention Recipients

Florida Pathways to Apprenticeship

Florida Pathways to Apprenticeship is a program of the Florida Masonry Apprentice and Education Foundation (FMAEF). FMAEF was created in 2002 to add new and to expand existing apprenticeship programs and offer education to the masonry industry.

FMAEF works closely with the Masonry Association of Florida (MAF) to establish industry standards on curriculum and credentialing. Employers and other support partners donate tools, equipment, and materials. FMAEF is also supported through the Florida Concrete Masonry Education Council (FCMEC).

FMAEF has developed an extensive network of employers who speak with construction classes, participate in open houses and career fairs, and provide shadowing and internship opportunities for students. Employers participate in local, state, and national Skills USA competitions as mentors, contest chairs, and judges.

Prospective participants can enter the program at multiple levels. Through pre-apprenticeship training completed at the high school level, at-risk youth programs such as Youth Build and AMI Kids, or any of the eight Florida Department of Corrections programs, students who have completed NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) knowledge and performance levels can articulate credit earned into apprenticeship programs. The program also provides a process for adults seeking to enroll and establish proof of past experience.

By providing continuing options for articulation from pre-apprentice training into full masonry apprenticeship programs, FMAEF has developed a pipeline of talent for participating contractors and companies feeling the strain of a limited skilled labor pool. The commitment to using nationally recognized curriculum with stackable credentials provides for a growth model where employers can continue to educate and develop leaders in their prospective fields.

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Reseda Charter High School Police Academy Magnet

The Reseda Charter High School Police Academy Magnet opened in 1998. With "Preparing to Serve" as its motto, this Career Pathway's mission is to prepare interested students for law enforcement careers, establish a bond between juveniles and local police officers, and produce highly capable citizens who will graduate from high school, go on to college, and serve in their communities.

This nationally recognized program commits students to a rigorous course of study involving honors curriculum; career technical education electives; a college course; physical training; and community service. In addition to the CTE teacher, a Los Angeles police officer and Los Angeles Unified School District police officer are assigned full-time positions in the program to teach, counsel, and mentor students through their Police Academy experience.

The Police Academy curriculum integrates law enforcement skills and knowledge into each core class.

Junior and senior cadets have the opportunity to job shadow as interns at local police stations during their winter, spring, and summer breaks. Cadets interview for intern positions and are assigned shifts and commanding officers. Interns provide customer service, work in the detective's office, and assist the watch commander with street camera observation. Cadets who speak languages other than English serve as translators. The department helps these students gain skills in mediation and de-escalation techniques in preparation for the difficult situations in which police officers must often serve.

Reseda Charter High School's Magnet was named a silver medal recipient by USA Today and a distinguished program by the Magnet Schools of America two years in a row for its outstanding graduation rates, attendance rates, and college acceptance rates.

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Port Houston Partners in Maritime Education

Port Houston Partners in Maritime Education (PHPME) is a high school through graduate school career pathway designed to help students acquire the education, skills, and credentials necessary to succeed in the maritime industry. Port Houston launched the program in 2009, along with industry leaders, educational institutions, and business organizations to address the local maritime industry's aging workforce. Six high schools in four school districts adjacent to Port Houston offer the Maritime Academy pathway.

Participating students gain a deep awareness of maritime industry careers, learn valuable STEM-based industry knowledge, use state-of-the-art simulation equipment, and earn industry-valued credentials and dual credits. Outside the classroom students tour industry worksites, attend maritime industry forums, participate in internships, and earn college scholarships.

The four-year TEA-approved high school curriculum is based on a U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) model. The pathway introduces students to several industry sectors: maritime logistics, transportation and distribution; piloting and deck operations; maritime administration; marine engineering and naval architect; security and technology; and U.S. Coast Guard, Customs, and Border Patrol.

Since its inception, the program has had over 1200 students participate and in 2017-2018, there were 155 maritime high school graduates.

In addition, Port Houston collaborated with Texas Southern University (TSU) to develop a four-year academic degree program in Maritime Transportation Management and Security as well as developed partnerships with Texas A&M University Galveston, University of Houston, Houston Community College, Lee College, and San Jacinto College, whom all have maritime certificate and degree programs.

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